Escape to the pub this winter…

It’s officially 2018, the time of year the mantra “new year, new me” is adopted by those who may have gone slightly overboard during the festive period and are seeking a healthy change, or a “detox” so to speak.

We often associate the word ‘pub’ with excessive drinking and over-indulgence, but our new Winter Retreat menu is set to alter the stigma, introducing tasty and healthier options to our plates; dishes such as brie, bacon and cranberry stuffed chicken with sweet potato hash and sweet-cured herring, black cabbage, squash & cumin.

We want to invite you to fall in love with the pub all over again whilst keeping your New Year’s resolutions in tact, and with the menu set at 2 meals for £20 you’re feeding your soul without draining your wallet.

Retreat to the pub this January and keep your health goals on track!


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